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Advertising solutions

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Advertising solutions

The range of advertising opportunities provided by Trinity Mirror North West is as diverse as our portfolio, including everything from run of paper adverts to creative digital concepts.

The power of print and online can maximise the reach of your advertising message across the region. By combining our print titles with our online products you not only reach different audiences across the North West but you also significantly increase the number of adults who will see your advertising.

This section will show each opportunity available enabling you to find a style to suit your budget and advertising needs.

Why advertise?

Advertising is an effective way of promoting your business and communicating with a targeted audience. An advertising message can establish contact with existing and new consumers, can inform customers of new products and services and can engage people with your product or brand.


Advertising in local media can connect you with local audiences. Well known national brands have tried and failed to replicate the relationship with the community that local newspaper brands have already established.


  • 72% of people agree that local media is relevant to knowing about the institutions, services and facilities in their local area. Source: NS/Loving Local Survey 2011

  • 67% of people agree that local media is relevant to knowing about products and services offered by companies in their local area. Source: NS/Loving Local Survey 2011
  • 73% of people believe that the local media is an important source in making them feel like part of their local community. Source: NS/Loving Local Survey 2011
  • 78% of people read a local newspaper everyday. Source: GB TGI 2012. Base: All regional newspaper readers
  • Advertising is more relevant in local media with 47% of people stating it as such, compared to just 26% stating the same for commercial radio – The Wanted Ads III, 2007**
  • Over half agree that advertising in local newspapers and their associated websites sparks ideas that they act upon – The Wanted Ads III, 2007

  • Local newspapers and their associated websites are 49% more trusted and relied-upon than the nearest medium, commercial TV – The Wanted Ads III, 2007
  • 69% of people read and shop for a bargain in a local newspaper. Source: IPA Touchpoints 4 Expanded Hub   Base: All respondents who gave an opinion (All agree), Newspaper Society/BDR Continental Base: All who gave opinion Sample: 1,552, GB TGI 2012.


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